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Episode Hack

Episode choose your story is a mobile game designed by American game developer Pocket Gems for Android and iOS-based devices. This game is based on the interactive visual stories where you choose the path for your character. Today, we will be discussing about various episode hack and cheats that are legal and actionable to get free passes and gems in this game. But before that, lets get to know about this game first.

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Episode choose your story allows you to live your stories with adventure, drama, love and romance. Just imagine, that you can be a character in your favorite story! Episodes are considered to be the most extensive collection of stories worldwide where choosing of correct statement to say will matters the most.

Episode not only offers you to read the story but also allows you to be a creator or writer of your own story. This game will enable you to publish your interactive stories on its platform.

There are lots of episode choose your story hack is available but using or choosing a legal way is essential. Players of this game always have one question, i.e. how to get free passes on episode? The purpose of this article is to give you information about some of the legal & helpful hacks and cheats to get free passes and gems in this game.

List of 4 Best Episode Hacks & Cheats to Get Free Passes Legally In 2019

1. Story Hack

Story hack is one of the vital Episode choose your story cheats. Except for episode game, an app named as episode cheats is also available, and with this, you will get the story hacks to play a game wisely.

This episode cheats application helps you to see what things are going to happen in the game. In short, we can say that this app provides you with the trailer of the game so that you can prepare yourself to play the game in the way you want to.

It helps you to concentrate on the game by providing you with things like solutions to the test segment. These solutions may help you to focus only on the game.

2. Extra Passes

This is the second episode hack that can be used to get extra passes. As we know that there are countless stories available in episode choose your story game and every story has multiple chapters. However, only a few stories can be opened for reading, and if you are willing to read them continuously, you need to spend passes. All we can say that playing without passes is impossible.

So you must be thinking about how to get free passes on episode, right? The solution to your question is that you have to rate this game at the time you opened it.Once you will rate the game you will get an extra 3 passes. However, you cannot repeat this process every time you logged in to the game.

3. Waiting for passes

Are you waiting for your passes and getting bored of waiting time? Then don’t worry, this game will not let you get bored. You can create your own stories and show your skills of creativity to the world in this waiting period, and this is the unique feature of the Episode choose your story game. You can publish your stories and get read by countless players, only the thing you should be aware of that the writing of story should be error-free and must be engaging. The stories you are creating can be customized in different ways such as characters, your self-dialogue and even location as well.

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It is one of the creative and neat ways to spend your waiting time. This is also an excellent way to get in touch with your friends by sharing your story with them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. for advertising purpose.

4. Playing Episodes:-

This cheat is next in the list of Episode choose your story hack and cheats. This hack is all about the game where you are at a dramatic and exciting point of the story, but you are finished off with passes. The app named story guide is available that contains lots of videos captured by people about stories.

With this video app, you can be only able to watch the videos of the stories and its next episodes without spending passes. Unfortunately, you can only observe those stories other player did, but you cannot make choices in it. Well, you will get an idea about how other players played it.

There is one more important question might be striking in the mind of the players, i.e. how to get free gems on episode? These gems are required to buy multiple items in the game as well as for critical decision making. You can earn these gems by logging in daily and by completing game tasks as well. You can get gems from the game store by paying real cash. But if you are not willing to spend money then use the above hacks.

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Use this method only to collect gems, don’t go for episode gems generator, these generators are fake and illegal as well. So play in a legitimate way.

More Episode Cheats For You

  1. You can send an invitation to play the game to your friends, and once they accept your request, then you will earn the passes.
  2. You can sync your game with Facebook account for receiving a one-time reward.
  3. There are various quests available by completing these quests you can earn passes.

Rather than paying real money to buy the gems or using an illegal episode passes generator the better way is to use these hacks and cheats for acquiring unlimited passes and gems.

Now, you all may come to know how to hack episode choose your story game by using above mentioned legit hacks and cheats, so use them to improve your gaming skills.

Episode Choose your Story Gems & Passes Generator: The Truth

Episode choose your story passes generator are not true, and these generator applications are developed only for using their confidential software to collect your personal information.

episode cheats

Episode Choose Your Story Generator

Many players may think to generate gems and passes by using these episode hack tool must be aware that these might be harmful to your device and for your episode choose your story game profile. Hence, use only the legit hacks and cheats for earning passes and gems for playing the game.

Final Verdict

All that we can say is that Episode choose your story is the game that has all the potential to engage the players forever. New stories are added with each passing day that may create excitement in the players, and they will not get bored of playing repetitive stories. You can pick the story of your choice and start playing but don’t forget to use only legal episode hacks and cheats.

Above mentioned episode free passes hack and cheats are legal and you can use them while playing. Use only legitimate ways to earn passes and gems in the game.

Well, at last, stay tuned with us for more details. Till then enjoy gaming!